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Throughout 2018, GGS Engineering continued to push forward with its strategy to increase its maintenance and installation service standards.  The strategy is underpinned by a focus on five key elements: culture, clients, people, business and the community.


Managing Director, Mr. J. T. Nhlangulela, is an experienced Installation Electrician, who has worked tirelessly to further the business reach within the Eastern Cape. He is registered in accordance with the Energy Sector Education and Training Authority. His experience as a trained Senior Technical Official at Eskom, enables a personal touch for all your electrical and mechanical engineering requirements.


GGS Engineering was established in 2015, aimed at becoming a reputable industry player in the South African electrical & mechanical engineering and construction field. Being such technical industries, it is our biggest achievement to have a Level 1 BEE led company with individuals that have a wealth of experience in these fields

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What we do?

Flexibility is a significant advantage to being such a compact option for Electrical & Mechanical Installations, Civil Works, Maintenance and Repairs on:

Building & Construction

Civil Engineering

Concrete: Housing Concrete, Concrete Lined Drains

Building, Plastering, Painting, Paving, Brick Laying & Carpentry

Road Works: Tar Work, Drainage, Manholes, Channels, Cleaning of Pipes, Fencing

General Buildings and Renovations

Wind Turbines

Installation Works           

Inspections & Repair Works

Servicing & Maintenance

Rope Access Works



Main Building

Mechanical & Electrical Works  

Finishing Works & Housekeeping on Sit

Electrical Works

Installation, Maintenance and Repairs

Industrial, Commercial, Domestic

Certificate of Compliance

Cable Jointing & Termination up to 33 kV Network